NICI Dolphins

The NICI dolphins are very popular with many. The dolphins belong to the although and therefore are mammals that live in the water. (Called also sea mammals.) Dolphins are there in approximately 40 different types and form as the largest family of cetaceans. The sea animals are common in all the oceans. The animals will be between one and a half and four feet long. The killer whale, the largest dolphin species can be up to eight feet long.

The streamlined head, fits perfectly on the high swimming speed. Depending on the dolphin, the snout may contain many different teeth. If you are not convinced, visit Tony Parker. The animals have a very good hearing and sight. Although dolphins have listening ears do it but on the lower jaw, which sounds us inner ear directs. The eyes of the sea mammals are primarily adapted to seeing under water, have a high level of functionality but also about water. Dolphins are fast swimmers, capable of a speed of up to 55 km / h. The NICI dolphins are of course not and are just plain cute. Often we see that the animals jump out of the water and do tricks.

If the hunting animals go, they can dive up to 300 m deep and up to 15 minutes. Dolphins are very social animals. Among other things also, you can tell that they are often used for treatment purposes. So they should to the example is autistic children to deal with their environment. Sleep do the dolphins by only a half of the brain to sleep. So, breathing remains upright. NICI has wondered about our dolphins. Come out are pink and grey, blue plush animals. Also pillows on which allows wonderful dream is there in the series. Also, there is still money bags, bath towels and bags. The series of NICI dolphins can be especially small children’s hearts beat faster. Lukas Ritzer

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