On To Munich To The Theatron Music Summer 2010

The Theatron music summer offers a 25-tagiges range of fireworks, free concerts and film screenings. The Theatron music summer of Munich’s thriving live music scene attracts thousands visitors in the Olympic Park every year in July and August. The 25-tagige Festival event holds the world record for the longest continuous open air festival and is a highlight in the cultural calendar of the Bavarian capital. For visitors who stay in Munich, the event offers the opportunity to explore the Olympic Park and to listen to a variety of local and international artists. Admission is free and the music ranges from jazz to rock, pop, hip hop, reggae and soul. The program consists of a total of 63 concerts and includes pop of group larceny, progressive jazz of the Max von Mosch Bavarian acoustic Sextet and classic songwriting by Phil Vetter. Other acts include the German rockers RO-KC 761, singer- songwriter Wallis bird and the punk rock group of Kafka’s.

According to the organizers of Antonio Seidemann and Judith “The bands do not occur Becker to make money, but out of joy”. In addition to the musical performances, short films of award-winning young directors are shown during the Festival every Saturday. Anyone with a penchant for pyrotechnics should also necessarily come in the evening of the 5th or 12th August. On two evenings, a spectacular fireworks display will be staged from 22:00. A total of up to 110,000 visitors are expected, with a daily average of 4,000 and in addition about 300,000 RAND visitors”during the summer festival at the Olympic Park. It was originally built for the Olympic Games in 1972 and remains a Centre for cultural and social events in the city of Munich. Due to the great popularity of the Theatron music summer, advises Jessica Reading, head of marketing at LateRooms.com, each within the framework of the Festival would like to travel to Munich, in time to book hotels Munich, to avoid disappointment. For more information on the Website of the event. Eric Mann

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