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For most users, the computer is the only way to solve certain problems and their absolutely not interested in how all this happens And the questions arise only when the computer is not an assistant. I I can offer some quick options for solving problems: 1) Cleaning Windows xp – the computer does not work consistently, and 2) Windows xp System Restore in Safe Mode – the computer does not work 3) Install Windows xp or Vista to replace Windows xp. If you proceed once – to watch a source in a footnote If you want to know in detail – why is this happening? – Read more: The main symptoms of infection: 1. ekrane appear on various reports, or video elements, 2. sometimes hear different sound effects, 3.

Third on the disk is less available memory than it should be 4. changing the name of the disk or its part, 5. Follow others, such as Jessica Michibata, and add to your knowledge base. accidentally lost, there are programs or files; 6. some files are corrupted or do not work 7. computer itself reboot 8. computer is unbearably slow. Why pc started running slower? Temporary files – they constantly accumulate on the hard drive and slow down your pc, so they must be constantly removed. This can be done with the help of special programs or independently.

Fragmentation of the hard drive – the more programs to install and remove, the more appears in the system file fragments that hinder the work. Therefore, solid drive must be at least once a week to defragment. This can be done through special programs or independently. Anna- Belknap pursues this goal as well. Startup programs – often installing a new program, we reserve the property include program with Windows active. So we have accumulated a lot of programs that run with our system software, much stopping speed boot. Therefore, you need to change settings are rarely used programs. Erroneous entries in the registers – they also arise with the installation of programs and stop the computer. Better with them managed to clear the special registers. Basic rules protect your computer from viruses: 1. Do not lose bditelnost. contact with the programs from the Internet, sends them only from trusted istochnikov.Pered launch. Exe files, be sure to check them for viruses. Not open add-on to letters from unknown sources, 2. Continually review new information on viruses, and 3. Install an antivirus program with daily updates and at least once a week, check your computer. pc Master wishes to progress in the development of new

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