Portugal Routes

The Compania Espanola de Petroleos CEPSA has launched an online campaign to promote its safe routes in Spain Calculator tool. Buenviajecepsa.com committed to a service the driver emphasizing road safety through its routes calculator and does so in a very funny and original. Telmo & Luis are the protagonists of this Buenviajecepsa campaign and already have premiered in the YouTube video channel. Telmo & Luis are two professional tasters of routes hired by CEPSA to promote safe routes calculator. These two characters have experience touring the Spanish routes in search of the roads safer between point and point so that drivers can plan their itineraries from travel smart and safe. Buenviajecepsa has a YouTube channel which periodically publishes the adventures and exploits of Telmo & Luis.

Meet Telmo & Luis Buenviajecepsa.com and Youtube Channel! About CEPSA CEPSA, Compania Espanola de Petroleos, S.A., is an industrial group formed by more than 11,000 people whose core activity is oil refining and marketing of its derivatives. It has a petrochemical area, high integration with the refining and develops other activities complementary and related to its scope, such as exploration and production of hydrocarbons, natural gas, and electricity. CEPSA has been nearly 80 years in the market. Thanks to its flexibility and capacity to adapt, CEPSA has managed to become one of the companies of reference in the sector in Spain. Through a progressive internationalization of its activities, it also develops your business in Algeria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Panama, Peru and Portugal, marketing its products around the world.

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