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In this context, Enrique Alcat, Professor of the Master in communication corporate of the European business school, in Spain, and crisis management consultant, admitted that there are only two options: sink you or look to the future, trusting yourself, being proactive and using its network of contacts (networking). Who opt for the positive attitude is that will be afloat, and pointed to three concepts to exit the current situation strengthened: the preparation, prevention, and transparent communication. Since then given this reality of having to market, operate in environments with uncertainty recession, has led to management companies that want to move forward to take step to new actions that ensure participation at the lowest possible risk and that is why that discussed the need to be vigilant with with respect to costs, which represents its operability, operating both in the productive and the operative. Here, which comene that the majority of companies, public and private definitely have opted for the reduction of the operational costs against the reduction of income and, therefore, the benefits. Within these policies, there are many business models that have relied on changes in their management models through the readjustment of your template. Crises are crises and in all the companies we have done the same: reduce costs, Jose Maria Ortiz, director of the Excellens program has recognized (business administration + right + Master in human leadership and professional) at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid), which advocates this policy of saving and containment of expenditure on companies that reduce costs is usually synonymous with increased control, although you always have to go beyond, seeking formulas of management that allow the recovery, such as innovation and talent recruitment. In addition, the outsourcing of many services developed in companies emerges as a possibility of saving costs, facilitating the adjustment of the template to the current needs of service that has the market.

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