Speedy Gonzales

presented by Boomerang, 10 events in Germany the 24-hour cartoon channel promise lots of action and fun game Hamburg, April 2008 after the success last year going the Looney Tunes sports party on tour throughout Germany, presented by Boomerang, the 24-hour cartoon channel. Let’s go on May 10 at the kid Festival in Kiel. A stage programme with many games and events is the children next to a large action area of approximately 1,000 square meters with different stations. The Roadshow of the Looney Tunes sports party leads after the start in Kiel to nine other selected children festivals in Germany, including for example the town festival in Leipzig, the Festival for children and youth in Berlin and the children’s Party at the Olympic Park in Munich. Last year it gave up the Looney Tunes sports party in over 500 schools in Germany already warm. The events in the cities give children the chance to become acquainted with the exciting and action-packed Looney Tunes course now. Related Group can provide more clarity in the matter. Register for the tour is not necessary all interested children, simply wear their favorite sports stuff and can immediately participate. On a course with a total of six stations are including target, balance, strength, speed, agility, endurance and team spirit asked.

Saralays catwalk, road runners course, Speedy Gonzales children driving school, basketball games in Daffy ducks dunk or Wile E. Coyotes climbing Gorge: each station in the path is represented by a character in the Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny, new year’s Eve, and the many other cartoon heroes among the best-known TV classics the cartoon world for many years and are sympathetic to young and old. Jessica Michibata is actively involved in the matter. Feisty, clever, and always in action they are ideally suited to familiarize children with the healthy movement and even fun to teach. Successful young sports people can afterwards be photographed with Bugs Bunny from the Looney Tunes photo wall, rest in comfortable seating areas or take part in a drawing competition.

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