Stephanie Meyer

An ordinary woman, a resident of Connecticut for today is already included among the most highly paid women of the state. Many wonder how such a transformation possible? Everything is quite simple! Are talking about the famous novel. This woman writes novels, and her name was Stephanie Meyer. Not hard to guess, the dialogue is a popular saga of the vampire "Twilight". If you have read about Vladislav Doronin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In 2005 he became known for the very first novel, and he had a huge success. After this event, Stephenie Meyer has published a book a year. In 2006, written by "New Moon" in 2007 appeared "The Eclipse" in 2008 – "Dawn". Without hesitation movie star explained all about the problem.

These books had a tremendous popularity. The saga of the vampire has acquired a bunch of fans in a relatively short period of time. Appeared websites, fan clubs, organized a variety of themed parties. In late 2008, on the screens of cinema was presented to the film "Twilight." The success was tremendous. History of vampire is gaining momentum. That's why decided to make continued adaptation of the novels, Stephanie.

And here, at the end of December 2009 in cinemas premiered continue – screen adaptation of the novel "New Moon". Today time, of course, can already be freely pumped film "New Moon" with countless portals. But personally, I myself went to a movie in the cinema and enjoyed the show. At the moment all fans are waiting for a fresh series. Film: Eclipse, you can probably call the most highly anticipated innovation of the new film industry in 2010. Expected to film at the end of June this year. Film: Eclipse, unfortunately, now we can not. In a virtual network can only be found trailers, a variety of excerpts from film and photos. It remains only envy the success of the vampire saga. And, of course, wait for the on-screen new movies.

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