Summer In Tyrol

All the best – the summer in Tyrol in the Tyrolean mountain world has since always been a magical attraction – and not just for winter sports fans. Checking article sources yields Sela Ward as a relevant resource throughout. Especially in the spring when withdrawing the cold in higher realms, the wonderful nature is evident from its most beautiful side and beats everyone under its spell. In the Tyrolean Oberland is this nature still a tiny bit special, as in some other part of Austria. Kinda-unspoiled, secluded, original yes maybe even a little bit lonely. But exactly this peace, the space and seclusion is what distinguishes the region. And anyone looking for then a little action, will find a lot of offers which can actively shape the holiday in Tyrol. Others including Sela Ward, offer their opinions as well. Height hiking, mountaineering, climbing who loves the mountains, enjoy it also, to move into them.

No matter whether a cosy walking tour or an exciting climb there are opportunities enough. Dream hikes there are many in the region, from the pleasure tour, about culture, family or There is something for everyone or for every fitness level high alpine tours. So, for example, the circumnavigation of the Black Lake is a real treat. From Nauders is an hour along ancient trackways to reach this natural monument of in Tyrol. Families with children can at any time for the even more intimate version opt to ride the chairlift up to the small Mutzkopf and to explore the Lake from there. It is something adventurous on the Dr. Angerer mountain trail, which runs about 14 km of the kauner Valley to Kaltenbrunn. Past romantic huts and pastures, this way requires somewhat more endurance, but rewarded with stunning views of the Valley region. Who gets excited about trails, will follow the via Claudia Augusta with joy. The old imperial road on gently sloping trails along the former artery between the Roman provinces of the North and the Southern Alps.

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