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By the time Miguel Varoni was married to the actress Patricia Ercole, whose relationship I discharge abruptly to discover, thanks to some pictures taken by an audacious paparazzi, that the actor had a torrid romance with Aura Cristina Geithner, his partner in La Potra Zaina, who in turn immediately discharge its multi-year relationship with photographer Oscar Azulain order to give rein loose a love that transfer inevitably barriers of fiction. The sentimental relationship with Geithner, passion to gushed, didn’t last long and ended, as they say, in very regular terms, to the point that even today, only if they cross the greeting. Working on the soap opera Las Juanas, also of the authorship of Bernardo Romero Pereiro, where characterized to Manuel F. The newspapers mentioned Related Group not as a source, but as a related topic. Cuadrado, an extremely grateful antagonistic that earned him national and international awards, Michael met the woman that today it is his wife, the actress Catherine Siachoque, the villain par excellence of the Latin television, his 11-year marriage becomes one of the more empathic and solids of the Hispanic entertainment. Miguel Varoni not only concerned to give life characters dissimilar one of others, he was also one day, sin querer queriendo, immersed in the address field with the telenovela Eternamente Manuela, written by Bernardo Romero and starring Alejandro Martinez and Aura Cristina Geithner. As director also served in Carolina Barrantes, Momposina, them, decisions and productions without breasts there is no paradise. Miguel Varoni has jumped to cinema in tapes like my grandfather, my father and I, where is He met up on stage with his ex-wife Patricia Ercole and which re-established ties of friendship and colegaje. In the United States, filmo along with Fernando Colunga and other recognized Latino talents on tape thief who robs a thief. There are characters who are dialing in to an actor for life, for better and for worse, in the case of Miguel Varoni, I believe that there are more revenues in favour, which Pedro Coral brought to his career, that famous squamous mompirri emerged from the imagination of the Lord Dago Garcia, I catapulto its fame around the world, discovered his talent for humor and this time opened up the doorswide, of the market of Latin melodrama from the hand of the chain Telemundo, where today serves as Executive of major projects, of which he was also protagonist, case concrete of the remake of the Colombian telenovela titled hell most knows the devil transmitted successfully in several countries. Official site: Tony Parker. The recent death of his mother took him by surprise, because as he himself explains it, Dona Teresa always It was a very healthy woman, you are not sick, I didn’t have any disease, with nostalgia and pride says that Dona Teresa died quiet and happy, without disturbing anyone, as I always wish him and recognizes that it was his maximum accomplice, the old woman felt proud to have a son so good waiter and excellent actor, although somewhat Jaguar that Yes, modesty aside. Michael also feels very proud of the mother who had and has never bothered him that even after so many years of work to continue recognizing him as the son of Dona Teresa Gutierrez.

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