Venezuelan Housing

Within the framework which establishes the system of housing policy, users may request loans for the expansion of his house, when for reasons of space need to add new units to its housing. To obtain credit for housing policy for the expansion of housing, users must be solvent in the Fund of compulsory saving for housing (faov) and have monthly family income of up to five minimum wages being the ceiling income of Bs. People such as Hedvig Hricak would likely agree. 6.119,45. This credit supports as applicants up to a maximum of three applicants. The loan for the extension will be granted for housing are in its own grounds or that the owner authorizes the expansion and constitutes first mortgage on the warranty, provided the owner have a nexus of consanguinity direct with the applicant, up to the fourth degree of consanguinity and second by affinity. As to the location of the property, must be in area rural or urban provided that they comply with all the permissions of the regional authorities. Not those people who have been financing for the purchase of housing in the past five years coming from the resources of the system of housing policy may request funding. Applicants for the loan of housing policy for the expansion of housing must provide the following documents: monthly family income not more than Bs.

6119,45 of Venezuelan nationality or foreigners with legal residence. Age of majority quote to the faov or owner of housing or land favv irrefutably demonstrate revenue main housing certificate issued by the SENIAT identity card legal residence in case of foreign residence document proof of home ownership properly registered certificate of levies work budget for enlargement and Chronogram of execution no more than 160 days record of work last two payroll bank statements, proof of registration in the respective fund State faov account with twelve contributions at a minimum in the case of self-employed, submit income certificate signed by counter and proof of enrollment in favv with twelve quotations minimum if it’s a business owner must additionally provide rif of the company, document of the company, commercial references, general and State balance of profit and loss, balance checking, statement of income and accounts banking. All these documents must be presented complete and up-to-date before the financial operator who shall carry out the analysis of viability and if all documentation is compliant will proceed to make the payout, which will be paid in a single payment to the date of the signing of the document of mortgage through the establishment of first mortgage. As we can see, the expansion of housing with resources of the housing policy Act is an option for those families that are growing and require add other rooms to your main home. This mechanism will give impetus to the economy now that many homes require resources in order to continue being used by its inhabitants and with this clear housing policy is will be giving the possibility of people with fewer economic resources to achieve your most prized live goal with dignity using the sources of financing of the housing policy.

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