A Productivity Consultant

Productivity is a word full of hope to some and a tinge of concern to others. Depending on the fact of being on the side of the employer or the employee, the concept of productivity can awaken a sense of expectation of achievement and even greed or a concern about not being able to meet the new goals set and fired. But the word should arouse a feeling of well being for all stakeholders, employers, managers and employees, because it implies a benefit for all in greater or lesser extent, in one way or another. But why the very idea, the mere presence of a specialist in enterprise productivity in full to employees of concern? Consider the case. If those responsible for a company see the need to motivate staff to achieve certain goals and lack the necessary skills or time to do it often hire an outside consultant, making good use of their skills in oratory and some techniques, affects the emotions of the benefit of personal and business productivity.

Although this could help staff becomes aware of the need to produce more, the end does not always translate to carry out or to sustain over time the possible changes. For this reason, it is necessary to have the work of a consultant responsible for performing a job well planned and objectives and achieve tangible results and tangible such as a positive and sustainable change in behavior and the readiness of workers in the creation of a work climate conducive to change, and willingness to satisfy the customer first. From this it follows that there always pay more to encourage productivity is the best solution and the research in this field have proven that the increase in pay does not always translate into increased productivity and tends to become almost endless vicious cycle. On the other hand, research also shows that job enrichment is one of the best ways to motivate staff to productivity. This enrichment is to improve accountability but also the freedom and independence of the worker and provide a good feedback loop that allows you to grow and thus be motivated. If this enrichment, at least in the initial stage, going hand in hand with an increase in pay, the employee will no doubt very good eyes, but what motive should not be the money but the expansion and appreciation of their work and understand that ultimately the company is also a little his and that if she does well, all concerned are doing well.

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