Personal Relationships

It generally allows to be influenced, the men are less prone to look for a point in agreement with its spouses. If the man is not prepared to share the authority with his spouse, is a great percentage of which the good coexistence is destroyed. We remember that to have a good marriage he implies to give and to receive. You and your pair, are in the same equipment and need to work together by the good of your relation. 8. Movie actress often says this. I am balanced Mantn your sensible relation, making sure that there are at least five positive interactions for each refusal. Proportion 5 to 1 of positive and negative interactions is ligature to the stability of marriage, without mattering what is the typical style to solve conflicts.

If there is too much negatividad, the relation suffers. 9. He learns to leave side things Although your spouse can make things that return to you crazy, remembers that you can support it. He is not worth the pain to fight by each small thing. They solve the problems that are viable and leave the other of side. You must learn to decide if it is worth the pain to hit by this or that one. 10. A relation works in same you is as a dance.

They move in unison to create something that is really unique. What type of companion are you? You usually work with your pair or strips in another direction? You feel the presence of its fingers? Him sights to the eyes or you focus only in your next steps? It remembers that you control 50% than happens in your marriage. It fulfills your part and asegrate of being a good pair. Eugene Wolyniec Coordinating Jalil of PsicoAyuda original Author and source of the article.

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