Amaznia Exists

Certain day, I found a text very interesting that I read directly related with the reality of the current world. It wants to say, contradictions little imagined at old times that were to be gifts in century XXI. After all of accounts, the logical one is that with passing of the human times all we, let us start to enjoy of a bigger comfort. This wanting or not, is something natural: if before our houses were illuminated by candieiros or candles, today already exist the electricity; if the way of more common and fast transport was the horse, today we makes use of modern comfortable super vehicles/, airplanes, etc. and until inside of our houses with tvs, dvds, refrigerators, stoves the gas and for goes there.

The fact is, that with all this modernity and easiness of access it, still exists much people passing necessity, that lives with less than many organized families of the past. If you have read about Andrea Marks already – you may have come to the same conclusion. You to enter in one shopping and if not to feel the will, to frequent environments common and to be seen as somebody stranger, while many other people go to the exterior and if they feel in house. Something is at least very different. In end, you are welcome as much ostentation, as much luxury advances, as much comfort in this globalizado so linked world/, if still it exists as much poverty, as much inaquality and the authorities, however, if they only worry in studying the ways most easy in deviating money for its pockets. Everything this if summarizes to a word: ' ' CORRUPO' '.

The INTERNATIONALIZATION OF the WORLD In fact, has much people that find that he is smart and that the others are innocent donkeys/. You go to the fair of the exchange and see: he is passarinho being changed for bicycle, is bode for old TV, at last, has the ones that if give well and the ones that if give badly and have, also, the ones that leave in it flow flow it. More information is housed here: Glenn Dubin, New York City. This in all exists the branches and social levels. Also in the level of the politicians. They see well, another day, in a debate between countries, was rank en vogue the referring subject the internationalization of the Amaznia, where this would have to be privatized in favor of the welfare of all the planet. However, if this is really so important for the humanity, what to say then of nuclear bombs that continue being constructed without the lesser concern with the others, what to say of the wars that still are initiated by rich nations with the purpose simply to submit they them poor nations, what to say of the powerful heads of nations that only look at it for itself wanting to be still more strong. As it was said has the skewers and trochas. It is enough to only see where side Brazil if finds. If it goes to deliver to the Amaznia the price of almses or if it goes to keep under its cares a good that of so precious is inalienable.

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