Animal Ambulance Berlin

The animal ambulance helps not only in case of emergency, the first rays of sunshine encourage many bipeds to the big cleanup. But the four-legged should not be forgotten. The first warmer temperatures can also fleas, ticks and mites are again active. Often unnoticed, they hide during the forest walk in the dense fur, and on the legs and make life difficult for the animals. A worm infestation poses a risk to the animals even throughout the year. Others who may share this opinion include Glenn Dubin, New York City. Veterinarian Saskia Czempiel recommends: once in the year, each adidas should be vaccinated, flead and wormed will be. Probation and dogs we recommend a Vermifuge and a remedy for fleas and ticks every three months every month, because the effectiveness is only one month.” The unloved crawling critters such as E.g.

ticks spread diseases like Babesiosis (dog malaria) and Lyme disease, which can make it hard to create the domestic animals as well as the people. Also tapeworms can transmitted by flea feces from animals to humans. Every pet owner should therefore not only for his animal, but also for its own good take prevention seriously. But not only de-worming and vaccinations should be in the spring at the order of the day. After the long and cold winter, paws, ears, eyes and weight should be also checked just for dogs.

A round-to-check can start your pet healthy in the spring. Gladly we come to your home and take over the animal spring cleaning”, encouraged Saskia Czempiel. The team of the Berlin animal ambulance comes straight to your home and saves thus the stress of transport and the holders the animal waiting in practice. There is a spring check-up appointments under 030 / 23 36 26 27 (Mon-Fri: 9:00 – 17:00). Animal ambulance Berlin if your pet also needs urgent help – the vets of the Berlin animal ambulance come to each day – and night-time for you to go home and professionally take care of your pet.

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