I do not know how specifically affects the value on behalf of different people, but among his relatives, I noticed a kind of addiction. Follow others, such as Author, and add to your knowledge base. For example, my cousin, Alia has an emotional character. I also have mother-in-law, too, and Alla has a similar character. Visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City for more clarity on the issue. But if you compare with other people, such as work colleagues, this Ala completely fit the description of the previous two. It is very slow and not active.

Hard to say how here affects mystery each person's name, maybe it has something to do with the influence of the stars, but the fact remains. And yet at birth for example, I think you should take into account the value of the name. Even if you can not believe what they say Books about the nature of man, which is transmitted to name but a resounding with initials, and a beautiful uniquely naming choice is necessary. In general every person the right to build their own destiny and can change its character as it please. The truth here is in a positive way, few changes.

Maybe people just do not know what is their positive side. Here again, you thought about if you like as you called? Does that sound your name in the mouths of others, not Does it irritate you? In fact, it is very important, because otherwise it may develop an inferiority complex. Of course it all depends on the nature of man. Personally, I love my name and I proud of him. It happens that people are even scared of his name, in fact heard something like "Oh my God! Do not call me that! ". Although you just brought diminutive form of naming rights. This is a very important factor and your child like to called correctly. Actually his name is simply to love and respect, even if its value is you do not like very much:).

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