Air Pollution

I had no plans to discuss the possibility of air pollution can cause fat to increase. After all, the pollution is not something to eat or drink. They seem to have nothing to do with diet and fitness at all. Therefore, this seems a stupid topic and a waste of blog entry. However, when I was doing research for my previous post about rare risks of health by air pollution, I found several studies and reports that seem to indicate that there is a connection between the level of contamination to which you are exposed, and its tendency to increase body fat.

As someone who lives in a city, I am sure that every day I am carrying more than a breath of some unpleasant things. Learn more about the effects of pollution is something that I want and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. It has tremendous effects on your health, and possibly in your waist also. Go to Ken Kao for more information. Let’s see what the true relationship between pollution and the fat body theory of atmospheric pollution and weight gain theory that pollution has something to do with weight gain is new. It is not yet fully supported by studies that I could find in my research. However, this is an intriguing theory. The idea is that the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere and the air we breathe may be playing a dirty trick our hormones and nerve signals. The hypothesis is that CO2 is causing hunger and satiety hormones going bad, this leads to an increase in appetite, lack of sleep and weight gain.

As sleep deprivation connected to the increase of appetite, CO2 can be guilty of only the part of the dream. However if this connection is true, it is the only thing that matters. The researchers are looking beyond traditional factors of weight gain: calories consumed versus calories burned and are trying to find new ways to explain the obesity epidemic that plagues to the muneod integer.

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