Seventh day of November 2010 the duo's concert 'Girls Pripevochki. "Participants duo-Arina and Yulia Kondakova participate in the team for four years, with younger birth Girls pripevochki-four Yulianki.I here, in front of them new fall show. Arina: "To our concert we need podgotovki.U everything goes like clockwork: we came up with literally sketch on the move, but it is very interesting, and includes the divine melodii.V concert will be songs and poems, and Dances will be veselo.Repetitsii very interesting, although we very much zanimaemsya' says 12-year-old Arina. On the concert the girls already know everything, bloggers, readers Diary Anna's friends and prepare devchonok.Uzhe kostyumy.Izgotavlivayutsya scenery and ukrasheniya.Uzhe made banners and avatars, and most importantly, a concert for my birthday and my grandmother Anna's sisters Yuli.Ey should like. Julia: "We are now rehearsing for an hour or two in when my den.No Anna's older sister will be holidays, rehearsals will be longer, since the beginning of vacation will be less than a week before the concert! ". The concert will be girls song-hit 'two of us. "The song is long, and was conceived a few months nazad.Seychas already have and podtantsovka.Arina, the eldest participant of the duo will dance the cha-cha-cha, as Julia will be singing her new song, 'Song of sound. "And a lot of other numbers. After the concert, to be released new album, girls, it will be small, which include 5.7 pesen.Zhdite all! Arina said about the concert: "In fact it is very difficult to organize everything! Well, for example, need to consider what snacks we will zakulise.Proydem through stsenu.Vse to calculate all the necessary produmat.7 November, the day the concert, we arrive, eat and arrange general repetitsiyu.Posle vacation, but then you have to paint, dress, comb, prepare backstage and stsenu.No time there! " We are waiting for news!

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