The Repetition

In spite of the differences between a pulsional model and another one until getting to demarcate the definitive opposition between pulsin of life and pulsin of death, Freud conceives the relations between an element and another one of the pair regulated by the principle of pleasing respectively to displacer, that is to say, with the unloading and the libidinales load of catexias. In Beyond the principle of pleasing. Freud finds in the dreams of the affected subjects of traumatic neurosis, in the game of the children bound to the repetition of laborious events and in the negative therapeutic reaction, the action of an underlying process to all these states that denominates repetition obsession. Up to here the repetition appeared ligature to the search of reedicin of a experience of pleasing fundamental. repetition obsession, however has to do with the constant reedicin of a process nonrelated, devoid of sense, that produced a violent irruption of load () the encounter of identity constitutes a source of pleasing. However () the obsession to repeat () controls absolutely at the beginning of pleasing () the repressed mnmicas tracks are not () in tie state () . Of the discovery of this insistence of the same, bound to beyond the principle of pleasing the definitive pulsional pair determined by the polarities is generated life and death. The pulsin of life is ligature to an incessant one and moderate unloading of libido towards the objects in search of the reedicin of the experience that initiated the series pleasure-displacer, the differences between the looked for thing and the found thing relaunches the process time and time again; however than one treats in the repetition obsession is of the reproduction in act of events of the past that never satisfactory nor were repressed, which raises two questions: in the first place since the repression is conducted under the dominion of the principle of pleasing, it draws attention his inaction before the irruption of a pulsional motion whose satisfaction brings with himself to displacer.

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