Daily Magic

Well let’s go then to follow the steps. If it is convenient for you if you can pick up a book and summarize it for not to lose detail and that the process will be most successful. This method originated in my thought not long ago. And to discuss it with one of the club’s classmates: “inner self I thought: it is running Me perfectly, I am enlarging the knowledge about myself, I clearly know where I am and where my joys and my sorrows come from. Self-help is this called. An applied help you for you.

It is like making a non-material gift but applied becomes material. Without further ADO, I want to introduce you the steps to follow on your way to finding happiness before, I recommend they read the book: awaken your virtues. There you will find invaluable methods. This method is rather simple, that Yes, there is a highly effective. Put your interest a moment to read that is: wake up your virtues if they still do not know. You will see how wonderful it is and how many things you can remove from the.

No doubt my opinion is benefits.Steps in the method the journal magic (I will give an example mine): 1st writes the date: 13 November 2009 2nd separates your day by areas: (health, love, work, friendship, studies, ETC health – today I have continued with the exercise that is giving its results.) I give a high score to this topic. -I’ve continued my meditation evening, although this time I’ve increased it with Tai-Chi exercises. WORK – wake up your virtues still reaping merits, I love to see how you are helping people to delete everything that does not want to and increase their power, as well as his confidence and resolution. -I have requested to do an interview on Wednesday. It is a job that pleases me much and also is very close to home. LOVE – My love has cut hair, such as the last time. -I’ve had a conversation by mobile phone fabulous. I have to say that every day I feel more fortunate to have found. FRIENDSHIP – A friend called me to you have a coffee and we have been solving a few glitches of loves. STUDIES – Proceed with the study of my next work. (I’d rather not give more data, I believe that I have already exposed quite a few personal things. Con_el_fin_de_que understand perfectly what handles the method.) 3 Qualifies day by day. 8.

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