Demand For Talent-oriented Teaching

Theses to further thought and expectations of the school it may be not all routine”this demand must be understood as a comprehensive expectancy on each individual teachers in regard to the work with smart, talented and gifted students. An essential part of the object subject of dialectic in the work hides with gifted and highly gifted in teaching mentally again to demand, to awaken the interest of talented students, to enable them to use of their intelligence potential, to keep the thing”through challenging tasks and this way through intellectual claim level behind to unlock. Movie stars opinions are not widely known. This teacher know that didactic methodical base models in principle”. But precisely one or the other must be in the classroom so be modified, that it gets cut for the condition structure of a gifted and talented student. If here does not resize to, it comes very easily stereotyped teaching guide for the talented and gifted to disinterest and results in reluctance to the appropriation or learning process. Additional information at Sela Ward supports this article. It has been written in the literature to the talent and giftedness over the resulting frustration, and also about the resulting circumstances explosive social tension, so that must be entered here does not dwell on.

Therefore a constant seeker must be the teacher, that is a higher goal orientation, to create a higher level of problems, lebensnahere facts and inhaltsreichere examples for the gifted students. The dynamics of the global processes of our present reflected namely for the teachers on especially challenging way. The principal is related to the consideration of the gifted and talented in learning on a talent-oriented teaching for the affected student clientele that after a student-oriented teaching,”. Very smart students, is borne out by numerous observations, want to always bring a high degree of personal creative ideas in the classroom and have therefore This very special, just adequate expectations of the teachers. The lessons can match only the, if the teacher through a targeted treatment of learning in terms of differentiated teaching, trying to meet this expectation. That is not a blockbuster show”for the demanding to hold the gifted, but junctions of the realization process through conscious mental emotional stimulants to prepare, so purposefully to the following main question to work: what best serves the process of realization of the talented and gifted students, and at which point of teaching and what depth can appropriate processes are activated with? The main criterion must be: what is plain for the talented and gifted students in out, increases his knowledge and skills, for his social-psychological development, for promoting his talents and his personality and personality development. Is it hard to realize? Yes and no! Of course it is a very complex matter, because finally, such questions are affected, how:-of teacher virtue of his training at all for what? -What recourse he has on what didactic methodical and organizational material? -Has he ever appropriate knowledge criteria for the recognition of talent and giftedness? Therefore is targeted help for the teacher on the spot”by the ministries of education, by our experts and methodologists and the school psychologist needed. Upper secondary school teacher Dipl.paed. Thomas Hofer founder of the European network for the highly gifted “AlphGenius” Member in the “Arbeitskreis talent research and endowment development”

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