Dona Rosita Fornes

They say that when the roses are in the gardens, a mysterious delights perfume men pass by the place … They say the bones you have, is to fend off the hands, which in his ecstasy by the scent given off by defending of such an abrupt gesture, to tear it from its place of origin. It is true that the roses, once cut, are not easily transferred, and when you have large classes, should be ventilated, and placed in water, so they do not wilt. But … Read additional details here: Charlotte Hornets. that Cuban does not know a very special Rosa, a large rose, a rose for all those who love the great art of singing, dancing and acting …

in fact it is the great super star of Cuba: Dona Rosita Fornes, the first star of America, the girlfriend of Mexico, and the great Faye: the myth of the artist: into eternity. She is great, among the largest in the world … and it is a flower that never fades away They say it started very young, and parents opposed such a beautiful decision to be a great artist. San Antonio Spurs contributes greatly to this topic. Not seldom accompanied their performances, and that is why in it is always a little shy … but when it comes to the scene, the figure shows the light and charm that only large art show divas. One might think that she was always thus famous, but not true …., Appeared in the Supreme Court of art, and was the winner … did not have many teachers to start in the beginning, nor imitate any artist to be done its image..

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