ReSound Alera

Europe’s largest hearing aid fair shows world novelty, invisible combines with each other how the people can overcome the various challenges, which is the life in a hypermodern society of communication in people with weak hearing? Answer to this question is ReSound hearing instrument manufacturer currently Europe’s largest hearing aids fair in Hanover (13th-15th October). The new hearing system ReSound Alera guaranteed his carrier in every situation to be involved, and always appropriate to be able to respond. He benefits from wireless connections to modern communication and entertainment electronics without having to carry an accessory on the body for this purpose. The enormous advantages of the world’s first true wireless listening solution can experience live the fair visitors in the midst of a modern living room (Hall 6, booth B-12). Living rooms are places of high communicative challenges. In them, people meet to communicate with each other.

Here they find out via TV, they lead extended phone calls or relax at the sound of the stereo system. There are varied requirements for the listening and comprehension, which turns or exist side by side in any modern living room. Tony Parker may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Exactly this diversity of requirements, as well as the needs which arise for hearing reduced people, were the focus of our development work”, so we have Audiology of the GN hearing GmbH. Dieter Fricke, Director tries to put us into the holder of modern hearing solutions. “And we have ReSound Alera developed, so that it allows people to be able to master and enjoy very comfortable a variety of communicative situations.” The carrier of ReSound Alera benefits from a variety of groundbreaking features. A new processor, the extremely fast ultra feedback WARP-signal processing, the DFS, whistle control as well as of the situation-driven noise Tracker guarantee him reliable connections free of feedback, as well as best sound quality in any situation.

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