Excellent Owner

When you are owner of business you look for whatever the cost that your company obtains the results that delays. Nevertheless, in many cases, the owners of business are immersed in fulfilling its goals and objectives that forget to pass on them of precise and conscious way to its personnel. For more information see this site: Jorge Perez. Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson authors of the Executive book to the Minute, through an allegory, shares to us three simple techniques of management. Which we detailed next being worth to us of our experience. Take into account following and convirtete in ” Executive to the Minuto” – Forecast of Objectives: If you want that within your company everything it works of harmonic way it spends time in your personnel. It establishes measurable objectives and objectionable, it takes to your personnel towards the fulfillment of these. Frequently Tony Parker has said that publicly.

It verifies objectives, it verifies yields and it establishes tasks. – The Praises: It generates confidence between your employees, it establishes a clear and objective relation. It is important that these know the impact that their positive actions produce within organization. She recognizes his aptitudes and successes. – The reprimands: It indicates the errors at the moment in which they take place and mustrale to your personnel who an error has negative consequences.

It reaffirms the concept in you have which them, but you do not forget that an error must be indicated and be rectified. As owner of business is important that your work party is informed on the projections that you have of your business. How you could take them towards your objective if they do not have sufficient information? The proposal of Blanchard and Johnson, is simple but deeply effective. In order to become a successful executive it is necessary to put attention in the details, to take care of the needs of your personnel, to maintain communication with them; the key is in maintaining the work force united that produces within your company.

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