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Pumpkin Halloweenschmuck and tasty dishes are in demand at this time of year. Here you will find Hintergundinfos to the famous pumpkin lanterns and a recipe for the classic pumpkin soup. Halloween is approaching with great strides and therefore the time of ghosts, spirits and the pumpkin heads is broken again. Just the Kurbiskopf in the English-speaking world Jack o’ lantern is probably the icon for Halloween. Known through American films and series, you will find this scary lanterns with the wild faces for several years in us increasingly. But where does this custom? The Jack-o’-lantern goes back to a legend from Ireland (as also the entire Halloween custom).

The legend tells the story of the stingy Jack, who outwits the devil several times when he wants to get his soul. Struggling through his cunning he the devil even promised up to spare his soul forever. After his death the deceitful Jack but not in the sky is admitted and his remains also the devil Promise true. Jack receives only a coal from the devil. On forever doomed on Earth to convert, Jack serves the coal in a turnip scooped as Lantern.

As far as the Sage. It is easy to carve themselves out a jack-o’-lantern. Top cut the pumpkin, remove the seeds and tissue and clean scrape out the pumpkin meat. This can of course be used for pumpkin dishes. Motif remained to mark and cut carefully with a sharp knife from the pumpkin. So the Jack is actually already finished lantern, provides a tip but take longer shelf life: pumpkins mouldy quickly if they have been addressed, you can prevent something in which you rub all cut surfaces and the inside carefully with Vaseline. We have years of enjoyment with his pumpkin face! The pumpkin flesh can exploit is by the way very good for a cream of pumpkin soup, this is also easily prepared. All did to get in any grocery store: an onion and two cloves of garlic finely and FRY until the Onions are glassy. Additionally a diced potato can add the diced pumpkin flesh (some 500 g) and briefly with Cook, who wants his soup thicker. Connecting with a pint of vegetable or chicken soup pour over and season with salt, pepper, nutmeg and choice-White Ginger. Easy Cook until the pumpkin is soft, close to fine puree. Refine taste, with some whipped cream and serve the dish. Classically give a shot of pumpkin seed oil on the soup.

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