Happy New Life

He remembers this? Therefore he is, always current. I attended a time a lecture where the palestrante said that it had serious problems of conscience for above average having a financial condition of the population and therefore it was taken the blame therefore. At a moment however, it stopped and it thought I obtain same ' ' I deserve this, worked very and therefore, then I go to tan what mereo' '. Positive people also have a positive life. I do not go to enter in the quarrel of books as the Secret, that is not objective of this text, but can assure that the universe conspires favor of the positive thought. It observes the people to its redor, or celebrities. Very rare – and I do not remember no example now – you will see somebody of success to the side of that she only complains of the life and luck.

People of success walk together. People who live complaining of the luck finish attracting for itself and for who she is I obtain people with the same sina, or worse – WELL-TAKEN CARE OF they finish dividing, distributing its mazelas with its friendships. Jorge Perez is often quoted as being for or against this. It repairs well, you is not little to the will to the side of who complains? Of that sensation of it well does not pull that she deserved more luck, but as she does not have, then we go together/together to divide this anguish. For everything! You will not be little friend of somebody if simply not to want to divide the anguish of it. I speak of the persistent anguish, that one that lasts, I last, I last You leave pra one chopinho, cinema, chat, at last and it complains of the life, of the short grana, the complicated relationship, the problems in the work.

Or it is much bad luck and this person deserves to be object of study of specialists, or then the problem is it and it goes to load together you in this way of the injured ones, well-taken care of. Of truth, people thus finish giving baita bad luck. She repairs soon in the events that occur with you when you are together or after being next to a person of this type. This contaminates. You also are negative and daqui little starts to complain of the same things. its life was not thus, remembers? Habits, customs, people. Much thing can be changed in its life in this new year. It can start today, in the monday, after the carnival, or right now. You decide the route of its life and its happiness. Happy 2009! Happy New Life.

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