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CRITICAL WALLS "A SINCERE RATING 'BY: JAVIER SANTAMARIA As usual the Canal RCN, the launch of its new telenovela" Amor Sincero "was made with all the paraphernalia that you deserve a product that has fixed its full confidence and with the responding in some way to endless complaints expressed by a section of the audience embarrassed and "suck" so much production cut "Narco-traqueto." While the artist on the basis of which the plot of "true love" is a woman loves and hates, dotted with controversial and some other escandalillo, and for all those born in the "cradle of gold" is nothing more than a cantantucha flamboyant bartender, "wise" and ordinary, who spends "playing the bear" constantly, are Colombians hailed it as his heroine and a worthy example to follow, thanks to its great tenacity to break through in life cleanly and his talent as a weapon and only luggage. Vista Productions producer that command Christ Sanchez brothers were in charge of carrying the small screen "sincere Love," whose rating opening day was 37.35, ranking as the most watched soap opera strip triple A, but is not yet claim victory, as the Colombian audience is unpredictable and often inconsistent with their claims to criticisms raised against television content that is worth seeing. During the press conference held on launch day, Marbella showed emotional and happy, especially the acting debut of his young daughter Rafaela, who sings on stage as a child and manifests as the four winds like long acting and is determined to carve out also as a great singer. .

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