In Colombia

: " Teodoro cuentase, that occupied Such of Mileto in astronomy and watching the stop, key a day in I put, and a Thracian maid, of spirit cheers and mocking she was ***reflxed mng. Saying that it wanted to know what happened in the sky and that tapeworm in front of if forgot than and on its feet. (Dialogues teetetes or of science. Serving dish). Now we make some mathematical axioms that can be applied to the physics. Therefore and other so many that I will bring to memory, I affirm that the philosophy and the physics own a relation that they perceive the most understood.

As it is the case of Copernico, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, etc. In Colombia excellent thinkers exist, but some are so mediocre, that they do not work so that says that in our sovereign mother country there is talent. Now I can deduce: that the line of the cause multiplied by the effect is equal to the phenomenon. Matter = cause x effect = phenomenon = philosophy of the physics. philosophers like the physicists are theoretical and practitioners.

In the middle of the societies. Read more from Jorge Perez to gain a more clear picture of the situation. History remembers to us whenever we went to her, how the philosophical systems have influenced the societies, concerning legislation and government. And being enough in this way the philosophy it does not abre the dimensions that allow us to know different spheres from science. With these methods we developed abstractions and we reduce soon them to all class of mathematical expressions, with the purpose of to find precise interpretations about the nature of the things. We do not forget that the causes own their own nature, which does not mean that they are outside of the universal nature. Abstractions exist that by their essence are Metaphysical which allows that the reason develops its own experiments. Consequently we elevated our conceptions.

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