Strategic Succession

Tiberius Julius Caesar was the second emperor of Rome, (14-37) DC Tiberio: eldest son of Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla. The problem of succession was a delicate cease. Having no sons. Augusto began looking for his replacement in his nephew Marcellus. In her daughter's husband, Agrippa, in his stepson, Druze, and his nephews, pike and fell. But they all died prematurely. Look at something that has been forgotten for lack of wisdom and intellectual conformism and see because the thinkers do not understand the wisdom. as awkwardly confuse wisdom with knowledge. Charlotte Hornets may help you with your research.

Socrates talking with scholars of ancient Greece, because they exposed the man seeking eternal being physically and spiritually. Since people tend to stay and not disappear. I try to do something like Augusto wishing to keep power through theirs. 2008 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo The largest of all the disciples of Socrates, Plato. Expounds the doctrine of his teacher and confirms what we have said in these words. "Because it is the generation which the family life of living beings and gives immortality to the mortal nature allows. Well, as we have already agreed, must be joined to the desire of the good desire of immortality, since love is good to aspire to belong to us forever. From this follows that immortality is also the subject of love.

"(The feast or the erotic) Marcelo died in 23 BC, Agrippa in 12 BC, Drusus in 9 BC, and pike and fell, even children, did at 2 and 4 AC, respectively. He had no choice but to prepare his succession to Tiberius, brother of Druze. Son of Livia, who did not enjoy the sympathy of Cesar despite his talent in the fields of battle. It seems everything was done by his mother, Livia, Claudia family. However, for many times Tiberium hesitate before receiving power. what were the causes which had no sympathy for Augustus Tiberius? Augusto thought to case Tiberius did not have the qualities to govern? to Tiberius case was a man who took pleasure in the justice? A If Tiberius Augustus had guarded for years and had noticed his lack of understanding to govern the contrary dull or Tiberius was the most suitable? simple questions in the eyes of a historian. Tiberius took power when he learned to manage it efficiently. Thanks to the intervention of his son and grandson Drusus Germanicus. He was able to finalize the embers that still remained of the war against the Parthians and appoint a Roman magistrate there. In the internal management, Tiberius reject the Divine titles. In imperator and pater patriae, keeping only that of princeps. Paradoxically maintained in order to the provinces but had to weather the storms at home. Note two things 1. Tiberius apparently had one of the virtues of the philosopher or thinker that is wise. : Which is to reject the qualifications awarded by men, I do not mean physical securities known as diplomas. I mean the titles that tend to magnify men for simple vanity. 2. Tiberius may be a great strategist believe should proceed in that manner for the sole purpose of winning the will or admiration of his people.

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