Sir Elton John MacGregor

During a joint dance Kidman, according to the directions of choreographers, was to perform simple pirouette, then run off to the side and fall into the arms of a partner, but McGregor simply could not catch her! I had to hastily call a surgical team, which promptly chained actress in a plaster corset. As was later rushed to Aesculapius, resulting in cracked rib and the new survey had to be suspended for a month. It was at the beginning of filming, but in the end, all the same Kidman managed to Screw in high heels down the stairs, performing the song "Diamonds – a girl's best friend." The result – broken patella and to blame the tyrant Luhrmann, who made the actress to work seventeen hours in a row before one o'clock. Under such a regime who anything from a ladder will drop from exhaustion. As already mentioned, the "Moulin Rouge" is not just a film about love, but also a musical, with musical rather unusual. Luhrmann decided to abandon the original songs, but instead used the new unexpected processing hits of bands like The Beatles, Kiss, Quenn, T-Rex, The Police, Nirvana, U2 and artists such as Phil Collins, David Bowie, Madonna, Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Elton John. The film "Moulin Rouge" can be used as a test, "Do you know the western pop music? ": if you find more than five tunes – not a bad result, more than a decade – is excellent. For even more details, read what Charlotte Hornets says on the issue. Of particular interest is the musical side of the film attached to the fact that Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor all of his vocal parts performed by themselves, although the last time Nicole was singing on stage in a provincial rock band at age sixteen, and her partner did not even try to develop their musical talents.

You do not want – to force, acted on this principle Baz Luhrmann and achieved his goal: he Sir Elton John MacGregor has put the highest mark for the vocal skills, but seriously considering Kidman is not whether to do a solo career. But, of course, the main thing in the movie – not the music and dancing, and a love story with capital letters. That same love that moves the heavenly bodies, not by chance during a decisive explanation of the characters from the moon itself presmeshnymi drawing a mustache begins to sing along to them. The love story of Satine and Christian's as simple as words popular songs, which sounded in the movie, and just as compelling. This is a real story of eternal love, in strength not inferior to the passion of Romeo and Juliet. We should not think that the "Moulin Rouge" – very sad movie. Not at all on the contrary, it is provocative and funny, and sometimes when, for example, Satin durit naive graph, one can not help but laugh.

World "Moulin Rouge" – a bright carnival, where tears and laughter are inseparable, where the dearest dreams come true, where kingdom of truth, freedom, beauty and love. That is the perfect love that we've been waiting for. And waited. Stories of Love

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