Karl Menniger

This meaning summons up life in the measurement that takes brings back to consciousness of who you are: needs, talents, abilities, skills, dreams, and the needs of the surroundings that surround to him. This crossing activates its sense of destiny. 3. I will try to eliminate the negative of my life. I adopt the problems like positive opportunities to grow? The attitudes are more important that the facts, said to the Dr. Karl Menniger. Also, William James limits that, the great discovery of my generation is that the human beings can alter to their lives when modifying the attitudes of their mind .

The attitude whereupon assumes the life every day is the most important decision that it can take every morning when rising. Its attitude influences its actions and these their results. They are not the circumstances that we crossed nor the events that happen those that determines the results to us, is the attitude whereupon we reacted what the difference marks. The attitude is a mental election, is a position before the life. Once it chooses a certain position, a disposition is believed in you to see the life according to that position. We can make the decision from to focus us in the positive side or the negative side of the life. There are people who only can see problems in which they do, others on the contrary see in each conjuncture, including adverse, an opportunity. There are people who only can think about the negative, its minds have been become accustomed to filter only the bad thing, reason why they live full on pesimism; whereas others, decide to emphasize the hopeful side of the life and to see the opportunities. Now, the positive attitude is not simple phrases, type cliche, sometimes ingenuous, that you repeat yourself to be convinced of something or to deny or to distract the reality that is living.

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