Intergenerational Friendship

When we are children we tend to surround ourselves with friends who have our same age to share the process of growth in an equitable manner. In addition, during these years, generally, we only find friends in school, extracurricular activity or summer vacation. Official site: Jorge Perez. However, with the passage of the years, from the standpoint of maturity, we realize that intergenerational friendship is very rewarding for the human being. The basis of friendship goes far beyond the age, why, the years do not determine the relationship with a person. The truth is that the elderly do have a narrower margin to be able to make new friends, simply because there are few spaces in which old age has a positive and significant role. Any elderly person can go to a Club for retirees to meet new people or can even participate in projects as interesting as the Bank of time. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sela Ward has to say.

A bank in which each person donates part of his time to teach something to others. But the friendship between an elderly man and a young person is not only possible but also rewarding because one elderly person is emotionally youth enriched. While the young man can acquire new ideas and great wisdom to learn how to live better. Without a doubt, friendship is one of the most important treasures that has any human being throughout life. Perhaps that is why, also produces a special emotion verify that through the years we continue to maintain an almost magical link with our best childhood friend.

The more positive in life is to keep the friendships that we already you have while we have the heart awake and excited to meet other people that can bring magic and joy in your life. While an exaggerated age difference may be an impediment in love, in friendship there are no barriers to this type. Love will remain the same the only thing that can determine the age difference is the type of activity that we share with friend. There are colleagues with whom we plans to go dancing a Saturday night at the disco, while with others we are accustomed to going to the cinema and with others can get to plan a trip. In fact, it is also possible to make new friends in the work environment. Intergenerational friendship is based on respect, assertive dialogue and mutual affection. Original author and source of the article.

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