iPad Revolution

With the system, you can do the complete execution of all necessary data for establishing the pass over the Internet, according to the DFB: the appearance of the application is perhaps not quite as sexy as an iPad or an iPhone. Pass online’ will have similar positive effects but for football clubs. The interest is huge for all associations. However, all leaders see the need to create the required organizational conditions for the changeover. Our task is to gather the experiences in Wurttemberg, and later in the Rhineland pioneer projects and to give something to the hand the associations, how they must change their rules and regulations that it works successfully. The is the small part a technical problem.

It is an organizational problem to a large extent. We must achieve over 26,000 clubs in Germany and explain them what happens now. There are a number of associations that want to introduce the system this year. In addition to the Landesverband Rheinland are Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, the big West German football and Athletics Association and Hesse. In the next year then all other associations wish to follow suit”, said Kurt Gartner, Managing Director of DFB media, at the presentation of the project at the DFB headquarters in Frankfurt.

Pass online”will bring a number of advantages for the clubs. Eliminates the tedious filling and sending of paper documents. Within seconds, the application at the Passport Office of the Association will be forwarded and edited. After appropriate configuration of the system, the recorded Football Association by submitting the online application can automatically detect even the game right for the new player and grant.

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