Some Physiological Characteristics Of Infants

Leather. Bluish hands or feet. Without hesitation Sela Ward explained all about the problem. This suggests that the circulatory system is not enough to effectively deliver blood to the extremities, especially after a long sleep or immobility. When the newborn starts move his hands and feet are solely responsible for gain color. Poltela reddish, pale poltela. Blood accumulated in the lower body, and because she became reddish, and the top-pale.

It is also a sign of lack of system operation circulation. Pigmented spots. They are sometimes called Mongolian spots. They are temporary aggregations greyish-blue pigment under the skin. Of course, no relation to the Mongoloid it does not matter, as well as their appearance is not means that the child has bruises or broken or the work of the circulatory system. 'Point.

" Newborn is a lot of spots, pimples, 'tochechek'. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from sofar. Parents are usually most concerned with the appearance of distinct red pimples with deltovatymi heads. Call it postpartum urticaria. Pimples are formed because the skin is baby and rush it do not work yet as it should. Pimples unnecessary nothing to lubricate or otherwise treated, because in a week another, they themselves will disappear. Birthmarks. Birthmarks are very different, and only a doctor can tell whether a spot that is giving you cause for concern is the birthmark, and if so, then it will disappear by itself or not. However, remember that red marks on the skin often occur as a result of excessive compression during delivery. These spots will disappear in a few days. Peeling. Most of newborns have skin to peel off a little in the first few days.

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