June Market

How will the recovery of the American economy June 2, 2009 that says Timothy Geithner, markets confirm this: the global recession is losing force. And recovery in value that have observed both the euro and the pound sterling in the last time, reflect among other things, the return of appetite for risk from investors, signal that the scene is fading away. The American economy is still sending positive signals: from the real estate market, construction spending recorded in April its biggest increase in eight months (0.8% monthly). The other positive data emerged from the manufacturing activity whose fall recorded a moderation in the month of may more than expected by the market. According to the activity index prepared by the Institute of supply management (ISM), it stood at 42.8 points when the market was expected to do so in 42.3. Every time there is more certainty that the economic recovery is in sight on the horizon.

But when is? It will produce such recovery? And how is it in the U.S.? About the time that mark its start date, Nouriel Roubini, who could detect this crisis time before its outbreak, not occurring this recovery in the U.S. this year, but from the first quarter of 2010. Anyway, not a few economists who are hopeful of it happening towards the fourth quarter of this year. On the way you would have the recovery, analysts bet representing the same through letters. A few days ago I commented about the conclusions of the seminar organized by Infobae where prominent Argentine economists agreed that inevitably, the recovery of the American economy would have L-shaped, given the many inconveniences that will see domestic demand in its recovery (less access to financing, a lower level of wealth and problems in the field of the labour market).

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