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Maribel Izcue/Japanese prime minister, Naoto Kan, aprovechel anniversary of the atomic bomb to question " the myth of seguridad" of the nuclear power. It was criticized to the USA when remembering that " it continues carrying out his subcritical nuclear tests and other experiments relacionados". With a new shout by La Paz and the disarmament, Japan remembered east Saturday to the victims of the atomic bomb that devastated Hiroshima 66 years ago, in a ceremony that Japanese prime minister, Naoto Kan, was useful to question " the myth of seguridad" of the nuclear power. Like every year, to 8,15 local time (23,15 GMT) a minute of only broken silence by several campanadas remembered in the Memorial Park of La Paz of Hiroshima the moment at which the pump fell on the city and finished of immediate form with the life of 120,000 of its inhabitants. Representatives of about 70 countries, including the USA, and of the European Union and the UN were between near 50,000 assistants to the tribute, among them old survivors of the pump and their relatives, whose message against the radioactivity was east year amplified by the crisis in the nuclear power station of Fukushima.

Before the commemorative cenotaph, Japanese prime minister expressed his " deep pesar" by to have believed in " myth of seguridad" of the nuclear power and it promised to investigate thorough the causes of the accident in the power station of Fukushima Daiichi, the worse one in 25 years. Kan, that arrived at the Government recently more of a year and has announced that will resign once channeled the crisis untied by the March earthquake, insisted on which Japan " it will review his political energetics from base" in order to reduce its level of dependency of the central atomics. In addition, in a call to the disarmament, it aimed at that Japan, like unique country that has undergone the atomic bomb, has " responsabilidad" to transmit to all the humanity the threat that supposes the nuclear weapons.

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