Music For Dance (movement II )

In a previous article, about how he saw the approach of creating a soundtrack for a choreographic work, I pointed out some criteria that is based on what I want then to treat. There are two ways in which the criterion of a choreographer must travel: is selected prerecorded music or hire a composer. In the first case this work should be a criterion for a specialist (designer, musician), no part of this or that "sounds nice", if you want a unit, each cut or transition should be studied from the point of view of musical structure and form. Do not cut a piece of music at any point, if there is text this should be so understood and used to propose and choreographic contribution to the discourse. It is not a hodgepodge or collage to music without selection criterion than "works well", each extract should be treated and mixed in a pattern of loudness, tempo, tonality, meter, instrumentation, so that the unit achieved is consistent with the discourse movement, the concept and staging. The "atmosphere" is not a criterion by itself, this is created from a clear and accurate reading of what is quire say, this is added the lights, costumes, music and of course the gesture and word if they fit. Why is common to hear in a soundtrack and a transition that begins with chamber music and suddenly change to something more electronic and then there is a traditional tune?. I wonder there is any criteria to do this?.

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