Same Sound

However, for other people, in my opinion, it is connected with the memories and traditions. It's like the construction of the house – have developed new great technology, but people still prefer to build in wood or brick, because in such houses they grew up, and happy childhood experiences want to implement in reality. In addition, many playing the piano – it is something approaching the high society of past centuries, when the ladies in evening gowns and men in tuxedos sitting down at the piano and played music for guests. So, make the first conclusion: best acoustic instrument synthesizer due to the "live" sound and feeling, which I would call "charm the past." But if we turn to the realities of everyday life, it all looks a bit different. Conventional acoustic piano do not provide high-quality sound. Inexpensive acoustic piano in my life would sound less electronic for the same price.

Why? Because the piano – it is handmade, natural wood, expensive transportation and repeatedly setting a challenge to master home. For the same Money can not buy just mediocre, and very high-quality synthesizer with a powerful acoustics. This is a product of industrial production, and defects are unlikely, and the cost of one copy is significantly lower. There are still several aspects. The sound of wooden piano is very dependent on air humidity on the acoustic characteristics of the room. Synthesizer such problems are unfamiliar. A sound system of good synthesizer in normal circumstances (Not in the concert hall) perfectly convey the nuances of both classical piano and other instruments, voices that are embedded in the synthesizer.

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