Not all congenital and acquired instincts are transmitted to descendants. The newly born life, having a set of innate instincts, once again have to acquire experience. It is possible that at this stage of the living of this world, some species have a simple mind. For the emergence of a developed mind, even in the most favorable environment requires long periods of time is impossible or it can be introduced from the outside in one or more representatives the living world. Most likely reason a man out of terrestrial origin.

In confirmation of the validity of this theory is that not all his actions are subject to his mind. For example, the human mind is not subject to the process when you need to urinate and defecate. These actions, like other creatures, born in the land, subject only to the instincts. Terrestrial origin of the mind, at best, is in childhood. It should be noted that with few exceptions, the person's knowledge acquired throughout life, his talent, attitude to life, moral character, etc.

are not transmitted to descendants. First, it confirms that the termination human life, his physical body returns to earth, and after a long time into the elements that later absorbed by wildlife. Therefore, it is true that people and certainly not the only man, composed of what they eat and drink. Secondly, a reasonable fine field of the person, resulting in the moment of conception, throughout their lives developed, while knowing a portion of its clean energy information field of the Earth.

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