Los Remedios Natural

Vaginal candidiasis is an infection caused by a fungus of the species of candida. This fungus inhabits our body without causing damage therefore found in quantity controlled by beneficial bacteria which share its habitat and contribute to the immune system. The balance of bacteria in the vagina may break by use of antibiotics, poor diets, pregnancy, obesity, stress among others. There are natural remedies that can be performed at home and are very effective for the control of vaginal candidiasis. When a yeast infection is suspected a professional diagnosis becomes necessary to determine whether the infection in the vagina is caused by a fungus is another origin. Home remedies are very effective and can serve as medical support which indicates a professional. l. Sanding women tend to suffer from vaginal candidiasis; natural remedies being fundamental to attack the infection because they avoid oral medication.

Mix fresh garlic preferably with other foods or eaten raw (up to six teeth per day); According to some nutritionists, it possesses properties antifungal that help control vaginal candidiasis. Yogurt (preferably made in house) regulates the bacterial flora, and helps to control infection. Do vaginal hygiene with a solution of vinegar (a glass) in a liter of water raises the acidity of the vagina which prevents reproduction of the fungus. The plant aloe vera (Aloe Vera) has antimycotic effect which allows control of the infection and at the same time help to restore tissue injured by the same. Natural treatments, are a good option to cure Vaginal Candidiasis if carried out in a serious and responsible manner. Finally, avoid consumption of sugar, sweets, white flour, pastry in general, wine, beer and products containing yeast.

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