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Pre Diabetes

Diabetes diabetes is a disease that occurs when your body can not use sugar (glucose) properly. Rather than the cells use it properly in your body, sugar remains in the bloodstream, increasing the levels of sugar in the blood. Add … Continue reading

The Phase

The phase of spirituality has given me the opportunity to devote time to meditation, in practice put in order my thoughts and feeling that I am connected with a whole in the search of disappearing the ego as my addictions … Continue reading

The Inner Game Of Coaching

There is always an inner game in your mind, no matter what is happening in the outside play. How aware you are of this game you can make the difference between success and failure in foreign. Timothy Gallwey a How … Continue reading

The Level

To advise in the technical aspects of the disease of the boy and in their physical possibilities and health that advise the scholastic attention and inform on the possibilities into activity and yield into the student. – The doctors: They … Continue reading

Los Remedios Natural

Vaginal candidiasis is an infection caused by a fungus of the species of candida. This fungus inhabits our body without causing damage therefore found in quantity controlled by beneficial bacteria which share its habitat and contribute to the immune system. … Continue reading

International Coaches Association

Quack or Jack? One thing you should know before you leave to find a coach is that as of this writing (9 / 04), there is no certification process required for approval or coaches United States (or in many other … Continue reading