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Quack or Jack? One thing you should know before you leave to find a coach is that as of this writing (9 / 04), there is no certification process required for approval or coaches United States (or in many other countries, to my knowledge). However, that does not mean that the industry is full of fakes and fumblers. As in many professions, the lack of credentials do not necessarily indicate a lack of knowledge and capacity rather than a wall full of diplomas guaranteed. Currently, the International Coaching Federation and the International Coaches Association are the two certification boards in the United States. However, the coaches and the trainer certification itself is very new, very few have been certified to date. This means that there are thousands of coaches throughout the competition and even endowed by there without "papers" to speak of.

So how do you tell a good from a bad coach? The only way to know is do your homework. Ask for references from past clients. Check to see if the coach in question is a registered user of any of the tables in the ethical regulation, such as CCI or ICF. If the coach gets the results, do not cross the ethical line (the diagnosis of mental illness, offering guarantees of improvement across personal and professional boundaries, etc) and fits perfectly with his personality and way of being, you're probably in good hands. Be vewwy vewwy Quiet – I'm looking for coaches now that has reduced their choice, it's time to chase a few coaches who meet the requirements for availability, price and personality.

Of course, word of mouth is always the best way to find a professional service provider, as are pre-selected and pre-approved by people you trust. If you do not know anyone who can recommend a coach, one of the easiest ways to find one is through a technical reference. Make sure that the needs of the referring site to the list of requests meet the guidelines of his staff to coach – Some sites require little more than a submission fee. Some of the reference sites the most popular and reputable Coach is Coachville, the International Association of Coaches, International Coach Federation and the European Coaching Institute. Visit the prospective coach's profile and website, if available. Do you inspire a sense of competence and professionalism? Read through the articles or other written materials to get an idea of what kind of person you are and if their views and perspectives of the mesh with yours. See if they offer a free initial interview – most do – and place a call with your best choices. Come prepared with a list of questions to ask – do not forget to ask about price, frequency of meetings between session support as emails and phone calls short and anything you can think of that gives pause. Share your fears and concerns you have with the coach and pay attention to how they respond as much as what they say. They are evasive, or warm? Do they make sure they understand your question fully before you answer or give a speech can? Are they warm and welcoming or sudden and quick? You will have to decide for yourself which best suits your personality – ask about cancellation policies, if you are concerned about how "stuck" in a coaching relationship – but if you follow these guidelines you will have a good start their next big adventure – the exploration of you. Agood trip! (C) Soni Soni Pitts

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