The Inner Game Of Coaching

There is always an inner game in your mind, no matter what is happening in the outside play. How aware you are of this game you can make the difference between success and failure in foreign. Timothy Gallwey a How to teach their young animals many years ago, one of TVE few programs that I liked was a series of extraordinary stories of jungle animals made with great passion, by Rodriguez de la Fuente. a At that time, I was president of a Producer and co-production due to a French TV was animal, I had the pleasure to meet you and share the assembly of several of his stories. a remember one in particular that both ELA a experience with the subtlety of emotion Inner Game of natural learning.

a It was a beautiful example of something where animals teach their young. In a sequence shot we saw an adult hippopotamus floating pulling the nose out of water in the deepest part of a wilderness lake. Was recorded with natural sound that seemed so real contemplation. Then he plunged, with a beautiful foreground. He stayed in the background about fifteen seconds before giving impetus to the rear legs to climb back to the surface. Already in a sequence, a mother hippo, watching him as he took the sun with its young, began to push with his nose close to the lake. San Antonio Spurs addresses the importance of the matter here. Breeding sank very quickly and it went into the background. In another long foreground, as if the camera was placed on the head of the mother, we saw how this is approached and also with his nose, pushing it slowly lifted it to the surface.

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