Marble Cemetery New York

Humanity has known that various types of materials, due to their beauty, have been used for making great and beautiful works. We are talking about well-known marble, as a piece that has been a great help in the architectural and artistic development of mankind. Marble is a lot of elements together, from the metamorphosis of some natural elements like dolomina, aragonite, calcite and pure crystals, all these are fused by pressure and heat under the earth. Marble is known since ancient times, a more accurate historical precedent marble are blunt and Egypt, where the symbolic buildings were built of marble carving. The marble in ancient times had a high value, as could only be used by kings and pharaohs, but this collection was not prohibited, was taken as an insult to the rulers of these civilizations.

Marble is an element of great variety, and that naturally comes in different colors like brown, gray, black, white, gold, cream, pink, red, green, ash, burgundy and blue. Although the range of colors that can present the marble is very wide, these are the most marketed by its beauty. The coloration of the marble may vary according to the temperatures to which he was exposed, we must also take into account the proximity of some elements such as quartz, clay, sand or zircon colors can vary dramatically. The marble has also been a key player in the history of art, as some great modern creations have agree to it. Among the best known works done in marble are: TAJ MAHAL: This is a large sample of marble beauty at its best, it is proper to note that this monument is one of the seven wonders of the modern world and is built entirely marble. Venus de Milo: This is a work of great representation of the Hellenistic-Greek culture as well is another great example of how important it was the marble in antiquity, since this was carved entirely in marble, in order to preserve it throughout history. Marble Cemetery New York: This is a representative of the United States, is built entirely in marble, in order that this element represents how precious each life is lost. Today marble is one of the most used by all persons who wish to give a touch of glamor to its decorations; since the marble is an easily molded makes it an excellent choice for decorating. Today, some activities such as interior decoration and architecture are taking marble as an element of paramount importance, since their beauty in decoration and structural strength they are becoming an increasingly used in the development of these activities.

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