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Ontrabio – simple settling and planning of mobility aid for municipalities simple principle infrastructure for the organisation of mobility aids already exists means Ontrabio documenting the system the Internet billing platform of the DMRZ (, the local governments efficiently deal with the prescribed mobility aids for handicapped people, and control can simplify passenger on behalf of disabled people. The principle of the DMRZ system is very simple: the carriers contracted by the city capture the services to the mobility aid on the DMRZ online billing platform on the Internet. Once per month are can be generated by the DMRZ system on the basis of entered trips within the framework of the mobility aids then invoices in PDF format, that seen by the staff, and the social authorities directly in the DMRZ system. Both parties, the transport services as well as the community, get special access to the DMRZ online system here and can get over the current state inform the already made mobility aids. With a PIN-TAN process that log similar to online banking, in the DMRZ system.

Only an Internet connection and a browser are needed to do so. First customer of the DMRZ for the organisation of mobility AIDS is the city of Karlsruhe, which successfully establishes the system since January 2010. The system can give information about the passenger’s mobility aid quotas at any time information about mobility aids in real time because the DMRZ used a central database. See more detailed opinions by reading what movie star offers on the topic.. The entrepreneur can see directly when booking a trip so whether the ride due to the mobility aid trips standing in the quarter provided is still possible. Thus a full control over the current state of the already used mobility equipment possible and an abuse of the system is impossible, must confirm passengers every trip with a TAN number. This is accomplished by the I-TAN procedure (known by the online-banking), to achieve some sort of replacement e-signature,. .

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