Mr Zotner

It is a world premiere, this module, specially by us developed, along with a renowned German engine manufacturer, are incorporated to the last seven years of our experience and the experience of the industry of the last 40 years, as long there is almost even cells from the band. What distinguishes this module and at the same time is the trend of development, is that the cells have a very long constant performance surrender time and it is possible to make a 25-year warranty on this product. What is incorporated in the development with, is that the cells through a special surface treatment in low-light are much more sensitive and even more efficiently. Because not only sunny days to bring revenue from the roof. Usually we have in Germany not only sunny, but also Dim and mixed days. In diffuse light, these cells can produce electricity very well. The components outside the cell are another development trend, so we did it with a reflection-poor module interface, to get even more light on the cells. The development in Germany is so total on the durability of off the modules.

Mr Zotner, there are unfortunately still not for nothing the photovoltaic systems, we need to talk now a little bit about the money. Should my nest egg be as thick, so that I can afford such a system at all? That’s a good question, and often. In principle, you need to take not one euro in the hand. The legally guaranteed feed-in tariff is sufficient to finance the most banks of the plants, at least in this volume as it is needed on a one to two-family house that is 30-35 thousand euros, they have no problem with a bank a loan for get and because the yield, or the yield of the system is much higher, as the current interest rate and the tendency is increasing, it pays for itself in any case.

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