MY Small Apu Sapa

To the small Tpac, the conversation enchanted to him of carve Oruna and always it sat down in the hill of Mollebamba to be able to hope to this one in the arrival of its trips. It is so, that in of its trips, came much more tired and with signs of many anguishes that were denoted in their sallow and dark face. One of acllas I sight to the retailer by the way and renders ran where its small Apu Sapa to make him know that Oruna came. It agreed with a gesture of its head and it said to him that one sat down in its flank to wait for it and to receive the news that this one brought. In it they saw come to him with its flames that very ceremonious and contoneando itself came approaching by able am in their direction, it also came in front of them and loading a great bulk they know as it to make its brothers of nation.

Already seeing close by the small Tpac, the thin one charts I lie down in earth, hurling their great bulk before running on their feet and postrar themselves before him and to cry very bitterly giving a speech him in which very difficult it cried very bitterly. It recommended to him that it would calm and I order to his aclla to him to that it gave him to drink chicha of peanut that to him always it liked, but that single she was reserved for those of the Able Kuna, but to him always it liked to oppose decrees of its father and of its ancestry, because it did not see the difference between runas and Capak sicnchis like him, it was it. Aclla, connoisseur of the customs of its small apu sapa, to that respected much, acceded and in kero destined for runas it served chicha to him, it extended the hand and of a single I suck drank all the content and breathing better it already expressed to him: MY Small Apu Sapa, your you know that I respect and master much to you, for being very generous with this one poor man runa, that desventuradamente I must myself make an effort the double, to have two families to those who to maintain, without they need nothing.

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