Eastern One

It is known that the letters of the tarot speak to us of great amount of subjects, especially those well related to the human soul. And one of the arcane ones that more directly talks about this type of questions is the Hermit, the letter par excellence related to the nature of the existence and the intention of the life. All we arrived at a little while in daily happening about which we pause to think on these transcendental subjects. Perhaps it is by events that have taken place, and they have affected to us of some particular form, or simply by the passage of the years, but of a way or another one, all we wondered ourselves why we are in this world. Some is no doubt envelope that the answer to this type of questions we will find only it within we ourself, after a long period of reflection and internal conversations.

The illustration of this arcane one speaks to us in particular of this situation. In her it can be seen a man in the absolute solitude, stopped on the snow, with an undressed bottom of any class of illustration. The lamp and the wood stand out, like unique elements will help that it to find the answer to their questions. The Hermit says to us that the moment has arrived for retiring of the world, to face in solitude a search for which, definitively, we are preparations. It says the Eastern philosophy that the human being only makes the questions when knows the answer, that is to say, when it has arrived at the maturity to know the truth. And this it is the case of the Hermit. It is necessary, consequently, to eliminate the outer agitation and everything what it can disturb to us, because the inner voice only begins like an imperceptible murmur, until becoming a shout emaciated.

The light would be revealed when the Hermit is ready. Once it has learned the lessons, and reached the true wisdom, the Hermit gathers its lamp and returns to the real world, with the sagrada mission to become teacher and to help others to see its own potential. But, the Hermit knows that in these questions, the teacher is mainly useless, because it is the own experience the one that will give the answers adapted for each case. The letters of they know it well to the tarot, each must discover its own light, and the Hermit will only be able to come up to us with which the way that is ahead is arduous, because the enemies most difficult to win are the own inner fears. Original author and source of the article.

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