Sapa Inka

It said to them to the Runas bearded that it would give his reason him to his gentleman and that it would give the answer them with chasqui. It did thus it; then the Sapa Inka it decided to accept the invitation to go to see the Runas Bearded that they had by Sinchi a Certain Francisco Pizarro. That he names rarer, of his generals they smelled rare and bad that name to him, but he did not fear to them; having to tremendous I exercise, winner of many battles. Thus I arrive the day and to all generals and his got ready ustas. The Coya did not want to see runas bearded, because it said to him that they smelled bad and it did not want to have you feel nauseous to support to resemblances scents of very dirty people and desaseadas thus they say that they come from beyond sucks cocha. All got dressed their better clothes and they bathed with the best aromas in the baths, thus also made the Sapa Inka, to enrostrar to them that they were very clean beings to the opposite who were those visitors, doing to them to know that was a bad courtesy not to bathe. The porteadores listed the bunks in which they would go ustas, the generals and very delicately in which they would transport to the Great Sapa Inca. The moment arrived and began the great courtship, only remained in the gerge all the main body of the army, because it was not the situation of a war but to express the courtesy of the nations of the Tawantisuyu to foreigners who came to this great nation. It follows the 1 of July of 2010 Tpac Isaac II original Author and source of the article

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