Old Rome

Perhaps this has relation with the current fights of MMA that charge a price that only the most supplied can pay, and still pay so that they can see a blood bath, perhaps are there a difference enter the fights between gladiators and the fights of MMA, the value of the ingression. He is not objective to criticize none of these modalities here, to only show the historical relation that has enters these two types of spectacle. The beginning the origin of the games between gladiators appeared in 264 a.C in memory to the deceased Iunius Brutus Pear. Although this episode has been cited in the book of Tito Lvio, still it is reason of quarrel between historians . The opinion more consensual regarding the gladiators still in the current days is of that the art of the gladiatorial was carried through only for entertainment of the pbico, and with this the governing would not need to be worried about a possible revolution, therefore in accordance with Garraffoni (2005, P.

63) ‘ ‘ the fights played a role important in such a way in the politics to control and to amuse the population that, in general was idle, as in the constitution of an identity Roman before the Barbarians conquistadors.’ ‘ J. Carcinoma in Rome in the apogee of the empire writes for a French collection expressing this vision of forceful form. According to Carcopino (1990, P. 248) ‘ ‘ A people who boceja this mature one for revolt. The Ceasar’s Roman does not leave the common people to nor of hunger nor of tdio.’ ‘ The spectacles and the fights of gladiadores in specific to the side of the food distribution, would have a clear-cut paper, to keep plebs busy and satisfied, Renata Senna Garraffoni in its Gladiators book in Old Rome presents a different point of view of what it is presented by these authors above mentioned.

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