Aesthetic Metaphysical Concept

It is defined to the aesthetic one like the science that deals with about the beauty and the fundamental and philosophical theory of the art. It is the philosophy of the beauty and the art. From 1750, it only is that the aesthetic one exists like particular science within the dominions of the philosophy. In its origin the aesthetic one was psychological science. Baumgarten to philosophy of perceptions called the sensitive it aesthetic; because its investigation turned more on the subjective feeling produced by the external impression, that on its objective foundation. All investigation in this one matter leaves from the vulgar concept of the beauty. There are things that at sight delight (language calls the vulgar them beautiful) and however another they dislike to us, bringing about the indifference (they are denominated ugly).

Therefore he is beautiful, everything what to view delights. Santo Toms said: ” beautiful they are the things that seen agradan”. In which it has to do with the Metaphysical concept of the beauty, surgue a problem, is so personal the appreciation of the beauty and is so subject to the individual dispositions, that reason are to doubt if that special pleasure that there is to serve basic to all this part as the aesthetic one, is a purely subjective modification. The beauty is based on the excellence of the object, at the height of its being. The qualities that are developed and bloomed to the outside to indicate the excellence of the object, are their beauty, as well as the defects which they leave to the outside are their ugliness. Any perfection is not enough to constitute the beauty totally. The beauty is something more than the fullness of the being, has by characteristic the attractiveness, the singular delight produced by its contemplation; the beauty is a perfection that produces complacence. The aesthetic ones of the platonic school say: that attractive perfection of the beauty, is not another thing that its kindness.

History of the aesthetic one: its present direction is relatively modern. The Greek town, artist by temperament, worried at first, to produce more than of to analyze the beauty. In the average age no longer one studies only, like in the Greek schools, the objective aspect of the beauty, considerate also the subject that receives its impression and the intimate correspondence of the subject with the object is analyzed. With respect to the subjective element, the aesthetic activity is a perception, a contemplation by means of the view, the ear and the intelligence that a particular delight different from all the others produces; ” the pleasure of bello”. In the modern age and the Renaissance, the aesthetic one apostatized the medieval tradition, and returned to the old ideas of the classic philosophy that they were, the laws of the beauty in the human figure, especially in the woman. Empirical canons were written up that determined the proportions for the figures, grace and movement. True the aesthetic one was forgotten.I invite to you to visit where you will find articles of quality verified for your personal and spiritual development: Health, Sports, Entertainments, Computation, Painting, Languages and more. Original author and source of the article.

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